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Deluxe Twin bed

This Deluxe twin bed is designed for your convenience. 


Economy Classic Room

Smaller in size compared to standard or deluxe rooms. It is clean and comfortable, it may not offer the same level of luxury or plushness as higher-end accommodations. rooms are furnished with essential items to meet guests’ basic needs.


Prices start at: ৳ 2,700 per night

Standard Room

designed to comfortably accommodate one or two guests. It generally consists of a single large room with a private bathroom.


Prices start at: ৳ 2,900 per night

Top rated Ac Deluxe Couple Bed

Deluxe room

providing more space for guests to relax and unwind. The layout may include a separate seating area or a designated living space, in addition to the sleeping area. high-quality bedding with plush mattresses and premium linens. The bathroom is more spacious and well-appointed.


Prices start at: ৳ 4,900 per night


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